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We are happy to bring to you our yachts repairs services. Cruise and Superyachts are an emerging sector of opportunity for Fair Spirit Crewing’s recruitment and crew management services with considerable opportunities for young seafarers, both male and female, to develop their careers in a hitherto overlooked niche. Our knowledge and experience in commercial and offshore shipping enables us to expand into the luxury segment with operations, recruitment, travel, and training services as our main service lines for clients. Moreover, we can facilitate a full crew management operation for a cruise liner from an offshore location, offering significant cost advantages and operational efficiencies.

Fair Spirit Crewing offers manpower support in three primary areas of the Luxury Boats segment — deck and engineers for vessel operations, hospitality staff for guest services, and riding teams for ongoing repairs and maintenance. We offer temporary and medium-term engagement solutions for all three personnel types. Our people are motivated to deliver exceptional service quality so that they may be able to offer memorable travel experiences to their clients on board. We are committed to professional excellence and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction in everything we do. Our personnel understand the great responsibility that comes with working on passenger vessels, and strive to safeguard the lives of guests, seafaring colleagues and the marine environment at all times.

The luxury segment is a people driven business where the quality of the personnel and their professional values and personal conduct play an important role in ensuring the eventual quality of the product. In ensuring better value for our clients, we strive to recognize the contribution of our personnel and suitably reward them on performance and excellence. At the same time, we embrace change and seek continuous learning and improvement as a way to prepare our people for the voyages ahead.