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Shipyards and dry docks go through periods of very high activity followed by periods of low activity and periods of lull. This cyclical nature of the business results in a high turnout of skilled and semi-skilled labourers on short-term contracts, largely engaged to avoid the burden of permanent workers on company payroll. Not only is the move meant to save on permanent employment costs of the company, but also eliminate the overheads and paperwork needed to maintain a large workforce when the order books are empty. Our job is to support shipbuilding and repair yards optimize workforce productivity and reinforce the bottom-line during lean periods as well.

At Fair Spirit Crewing, we recognize that the shipbuilding industry is unique and calls for exceptional sets of skills, dedication and hard work as a common trait among all those whom we place. Work conditions can be tough, the hours may be long, and living arrangements are not always up to the mark. Yet, our workers are trained to deliver the best work quality under any circumstances. We have scouts placed with different shipyards in Romania and Bulgaria to source talent at short notice. Our rates are competitive and we can tailor compensation packages depending on the requirement of the shipyard.

Besides ensuring proper certification according to shipyard approval, we recruit tradesmen and shipyard labourers after a thorough screening process. Background checks are carried out as a routine matter, personal interviews are conducted, skill evaluations are done based on actual work and peer references. Safety training is a must for all shipyard recruits passing through our approval criteria.

We are confident in the skills and work capacity of our tradesmen and shipyard labourers. Our people come with the Fair Spirit seal of reliability.