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We are happy to deliver our repair crews to you in order that you can repair what you need. Fair Spirit Crewing supplies shipbuilding technicians, dry dock workers and tradesmen with diverse skills to shipyards in Europe. Our marine construction workers are employed at various locations on newbuildings, repairs and conversion, as well as patchwork vessel maintenance jobs. We provide a wide range of skilled tradesmen and experienced craftsmen to supplement the core members of a shipbuilding project, eliminating permanent employment and payroll costs and optimizing workforce productivity at shipyards.

We also provide apprentices and shipyard helpers and labourers who assist tradesmen in carrying out their tasks. These apprentices, helpers and labourers have the necessary experience of working in shipyards and can do almost any physical task, including loading, unloading, erecting, dismantling, cleaning, maintenance, and tending to machinery and other shipyard and vessel fixtures. Nearly all our shipyard hands have the necessary safety training required for working in a metal construction site.

Fair Spirit Crewing maintains a reliable process of hiring shipyard workers, and ensuring quality in the selection process by carrying out background checks, personal interviews and skill evaluations to match building project requirements. Our tradesmen and labourers are also very competitively priced and can work in under any conditions. Some of the skilled tradesmen who are regularly recruited through our offices include:

  • Marine Electricians
  • Ship-fitters and pipefitters
  • Carpenters and upholstery furnishers
  • Hull and pipe welders
  • Structural welders and fitters
  • Riggers
  • Mechanics
  • Blasters and Paint shop workers.

Fair Spirit Crewing remains one of the most reliable sources of shipyard tradesmen and workshop apprentices and trades assists from Romania. As a maritime recruiter, we know the importance of supplying workforce that consistently delivers exceptional quality and service. We have personnel for both short-duration job contracts and permanent personnel.