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As a company, our goal is to be efficient, reliable, trustworthy and reputable for all our stakeholders. Our people are at the heart of this objective. We realize that while skills and knowledge are of utmost importance in our business, these are not everything. People must b encouraged to develop qualities that help them improve job performance, attitude, motivation and compassion… to always strive for the best through trust, transparency and teamwork.

Fair Spirit Crewing is in the People Business and we work as a seamless team that provides 24/7 support to our clients and stakeholders. Our employees help us to build competitive advantage with their initiative, motivation, energy, imagination and insight. Our management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that steer the company’s direction. Our leadership is centered on serving clients to achieve unprecedented success. We bring passion to client service with our credo of total support.

Our policy stands on some fundamental pillars of people management – health, safety, growth, productivity, diversity, equality, and lifelong learning. These are the qualities we want to instill in all our people so that they may be able to use them in all their professional and personal transactions. We espouse a culture of inclusion where every person gets an equal consideration irrespective of their sex, race, colour, creed and sexual orientation.  We have zero tolerance for inappropriate workplace behaviour including any kind of harassment, bullying, intimidation, sexual misconduct, physical and verbal abuse, and extend full sympathy and support to those affected from such deplorable practices.

Our lifelong learning initiatives involve encouraging our sea-going personnel to always stay on top of their game through continuous training and development. We believe career development and personal development are two sides of the same coin and one cannot sustain itself for long without the other keeping pace.