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Short sea shipping and river cruise is yet another emerging opportunity segment for Fair Spirit Crewing and the rapid growth of river cruises in recent years has practically transformed the short-haul passenger sector from a largely public utility service to an aspiring luxury product. At the same time, there is considerable effort to grow the short-haul cargo sector in European waters with a borderless market providing the necessary fillip to promote short sea shipping not just in Scandinavia and the Baltics but also in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts. It is still the chosen mode for voluminous cargo loads.

River cruises are gaining popularity, particularly among elderly travelers, because of the smooth sailing experience they offer. They allow passengers an opportunity to explore the interiors of a country, and visit way out places spots that they would otherwise not be able to access when travelling on an ocean-going cruise. River cruises also offer the option of choosing the kind of vessel and itinerary, given the fact that there are small boats with as few as 40 passengers as well as large vessels with up to 300 passengers plus crew. Europe’s Danube cruises are among the most popular with the longest – Amsterdam to Budapest – offering a spectacular 15-day journey through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary, while others offer more adventurous diversions such as the Danube Deltas in Romania.

Fair Spirit Crewing can provide short sea operators as well river cruise lines with first class Officers and Crew who are well aware of the requirements and functions of the vessel they are sailing on. All crew provided by us STCW qualifications, and scrutinize a candidate seafarer’s skills, commitment, experience, and motivation – besides professional qualifications – before approving him or her for a job. We also have our own Drug and Alcohol policy requirements whose compliance is a must for all personnel.

As with all our crewing, recruitment and personnel management operations, Fair Spirit Crewing applies a quality policy in not only its services but also its strategic thinking and willingness to listen to the client’s requirements to improve standards of services. We strive to continually improve our services and inspire our people to fulfill their roles in ensuring our quality standards, besides meeting all contractual obligations with our customers.