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During a ship’s lifetime, one of the most overlooked aspects is the issue of the paints used to coat and protect the vessel’s hull. A good paint won’t just make the vessel look desirable, but depending on the type, will keep away rust, corrosion and other sea hazards that a ship owner has to take into account with every voyage. To that end, we provide a selection of CHUGOKU paints that will suit any need you may have.

Anti-fouling coating

Anti-fouling coating is a type of specialized paint that is applied to the outermost layer of a ship’s hull in order to protect it from corrosion or sub-aquatic organisms that may weaken the hull over time and degrade the performance of the vessel, increasing operating costs. Newer types of Anti-fouling coatings can also improve the water flow around the hull, improving vessel performance.
The coatings we offer include:

  • Sea Grandprix series of coatings
  • CMP Bioclean series of coatings
  • SEAFLO Neo series of coatings
Other marine coatings

We have a selection of Marine coatings that can be broken down by usage:

  • Abrasion resistant cargo hold coatings
  • High solid epoxy primers
  • Water ballast tank coatings
  • Ice class coatings specially adapted for Ice class vessels
  • Product & Chemical tank coatings
Protective and finish coatings

Our selection of protective and finishing coatings includes products from:

  • Bioclean series of coatings
  • Fluorex series of finish coatings
  • Ecomax series of epoxy coatings
  • Uny Marine series of finish coatings
  • Innovative products aimed at protecting wind turbines

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