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Fair Spirit Crewing brings with it a rich pool of sea-going talent to source from, probably some of the most skilled professionals working on the sea today. We primarily offer qualified officers and crew from Romania, but we also have good access to nearby markets with large pools of skilled seafaring talent – Bulgaria and Ukraine. In terms of technical skills, Romanian crew on international waters is considered at par with the best seafarers in the world today. Our people have the best maritime education available anywhere in the world with world class training facilities and highly-reputed faculty. Romania’s maritime education sector has outreach programs in Central Asia and hosts hundreds of foreign students from various countries who come for graduate, post-graduate as well as training and certification courses in navigation and marine engineering.

Seafaring has a fairly well established tradition in Romania and the marine education and training centres have a long history of developing curricula based on the needs of the market. The story begins in 1872 when a Fleet School was established in the Danube port of Galati, primarily to train riverboat navigators, which, over time, evolved into two reputed maritime institutions: Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy and Constanta Maritime University, both based in the port city of Constanta. The Naval Academy remains the primary learning centre for Romania’s Navy even though its graduates are just as keen on commercial seafaring. It offers degree courses in navigation, naval management and marine engineering. The Maritime University is the main centre for commercial seafaring education today, offering a full-range of degrees, diplomas and certificates in navigation, maritime transport, marine engineering, dynamic positioning, IMO courses and marine environmental systems. The university also offers post-graduate degrees and doctoral studies.

Besides these two primary education centre are two independent centres of vocational education and training for seafarers. One is CERONAV, the maritime training centre for working seafarers, based in Constanta. The other is the Romanian Nautical College near Bucharest, which offers short-term vocational courses and training for marine deck officers and crew, specifically non-engineering qualifications needed to work in ships, boats and ports. CERONAV offers training, specialization and certification courses in 80 different maritime disciplines to nearly 32,000 candidates every year. It has two campuses, world class training facilities, and state-of-the-art simulators for navigation, communications, as well as the handling of onboard equipment and specialized cargo.

Our role as recruiters is to leverage this legacy and deliver high quality services to our clients. We encourage our people to upgrade their skills and maintain a lifelong learning objective while planning and managing their seafaring career.