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Fair Spirit Crewing is one of Romania’s most reliable and sought after crewing agencies that specializes in providing shipping companies worldwide with qualified, experienced and better motivated seafarers, marine technicians, and hospitality staff for their onboard operations. We have a solid reputation for recruiting the right person for the right job, thereby providing our clients with a leading edge in keeping their operations shipshape at all times.

Fair Spirit Crewing has supported many of the world’s leading cargo and offshore shipping companies to source, recruit, and manage the highly skilled talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive and economically uncertain world. We work with clients, both large and small, to deliver a diverse portfolio of services that range from recruitment to human resources outsourcing. Our continuous effort to build and nurture lifelong relationships with our talent pool ensures that our clients retain superior talent and command employee loyalty during good times and bad.

Based in Constanta, Romania, Fair Spirit Crewing is a fully compliant professional services company with both ISO 9001 and MLC 2006 certifications with superior quality and professional values that help minimize operational risks and bring about significant cost advantages for clients. We firmly believe that companies in the maritime human resources sector must provide their people with a fair and non-discriminatory playing field to develop as world class sea-going professionals with better values in productivity, safety, and environment protection.

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